Flash Drive Data Rescue

Flash drives are the new storage media that are getting popular among this generation. All the information and other formats of files are easily stored and accessed in these drives. As compared to other drives, these hard drives does not have moving heads and consume less amount of power and are much faster as compared to the older hard drives. These drives come in small size and are capable to store huge amount of information. As the files present in the flash drives are easily transferable from one destination to another, they also possess the high risk of losing the data. Well! This may be as the result of accidental deletion of the files, abrupt removal of the drive and many others. Just don’t get upset when you lose some information from your flash drive. Keep in mind that this is not the permanent loss of data. All the files are present in the same place as in which they were saved. So keep calm and get this drive recovery tool to rescue data from flash drive effectively.

Get info about some of the scenarios that lead to the loss of files from this flash drive:

Anti Virus Program: Antivirus programs are those utilities that are installed in almost all the operating systems. This tool performs the scanning of the drive and removes any infectious contents that are present in the partitions. Along with them the antivirus program deletes some important files that were stored in the partition. Hence the user must be careful during the installation process else there might be loss of valuable data stored in it.

Third Party Applications: To perform some important tasks and other operations the user needs to install some third party applications into his system. Hence, during the process of installing these tools, the application may shut down abruptly or sometimes does not respond to the user tasks, thus this may lead to loss of valuable information that was being used.

With the help of the advanced features that are installed in this application, a user can perform the scan of the entire drive within minutes and get access to all the information that was lost from the respective partition. After the completion of the scanning process the files are listed on the basis of name, size of the files, date of creation of the file and the different extensions used by them. This application allows you to rescue the information from those partitions that have been formatted accidentally. The recovered files are listed in the form of “Data View” and “File Type View”. This Data View provides the user with the hierarchy view of files and folders that have been recovered where as File Type View provides the view using different file extensions that are associated with these types of files. You can also easily preview the files before saving them to the desired location as available to the host operating system user.

Photos are the main digital files that keep our memories intact. There are many gadgets that are available to the users to take pictures apart from cameras like cell phone, iPods and many other devices. These pictures vary in size, file format and different quality. Sometimes while these pictures are accessed in the system the user may accidentally delete them as result of various scenarios. There is no need to get upset! You can recover photos from hard drive effectively without much effort.

Mac is another operating system which is similar to its Windows counterpart but it has been loaded many advanced features using which the user can perform so many tasks in no time. This operating system supports different formats of files that are required by the users for daily use. Due to certain faults in the application program, the files that are saved in the OS get deleted or lost and the user is left with empty drive. Don't worry! You can easily recover data from flash drive by just getting into this link.

Follow this simple procedure to recover data from flash drive:

Step 1: Install the tool in the system after downloading it from the website and from the main screen of the application click on “Recover Files” to restore data from flash drive

Rescue Data from Flash Drive  - Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

Step 2: In this window click on “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” whichever scenario has caused the loss of data from the respective flash drive in order to restore data from flash drive

Rescue Data from Flash Drive  - Select Option

Figure B. Select Option

Step 3: Once the scanning process is completed the user can preview the files which are listed in “File Type View” and “Data View” respectively.

Rescue Data from Flash Drive  - Select Drive

Figure C. Select Drive

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