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Photos are the main reasons for the sweet memories to stay intact. Digital cameras are not the only ways to take the pictures, nowadays pictures are taken through even cell phones, iPods and various other gadgets which come in handy. These pictures vary in size, resolution and their quality as they are available in various formats. These shots of trips and vacations are stored in the safest possible place that is in the system. As these pictures are viewed very often and shared among others, there are many possible chances that these may get deleted or lost due to various reasons.

Don’t get yourself worried as these photos are not permanently deleted from the storage media, only the link to the particular file is removed and data can be stored in its place. The download recovery software i.e. the picture recovery software is specially designed for this purpose to recover all lost photos from the system without altering its original file contents.

Reasons for photo loss are:

Unintentional Deletion: While editing the pictures to improve their quality, unintentionally they get deleted. All the photos are selected at once and by pressing the delete button will remove them from the particular drive. Accidentally deleting the picture present by using the shift+delete command option will remove the images directly from the system bypassing the recycle bin.

Corrupt Memory Card: Memory cards are the most used storage devices among cameras, cell phones and many other gadgets. These memory cards tend to get corrupted due to various reasons, which cause loss of photos present in the device. The memory card becomes inaccessible and hence the pictures cannot be viewed. As the age of the memory card increases and due to many read and write cycles it tends to get corrupted and hence loss of all the pictures stored in it. Click on the link provided to download memory card recovery software which gives details about how to restore memory card data lost due to various reasons.

Emptying Recycle Bin: When the size of the recycle bin gets full the contents present in it has to be deleted. Emptying the recycle bin will remove all the data from the system that was deleted. Sometimes without actually knowing what the contents of the recycle bin are the data in it is removed. Hence all the pictures present in are lost.

Abrupt Removal: Pictures present in the storage device are transferred from time to time for sharing with friends or for office work. As these are transferred, abrupt removal of the storage device connected to the system will lead to loss of all the pictures that have been transferred from the device to the system or vice versa.

The entire drive can be scanned to recover deleted photos from the drive or from the memory card within minutes and sort the pictures on the basis file name, file extensions used, size of the picture present, and date of creation of the particular file. Image recovery software specially designed to recover photos from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT partitions/drives and hence the recovered files which are listed can be saved prior to saving them on desired destination drive. Disk images can be created to bypass bad sectors, later data can be recovered from these disk images created. Download Mac data recovery software for restoring information from Mac OS. Refer Here to know how to recover files from Mac

Steps to use image recovery software:

Step 1: Download photo recovery software and Install the application program in the system and connect the storage media if any to recover the photos by clicking on download photo recovery software. Select “Recover Photos” option from the main screen of picture recovery software.

Download Photo Recovery Software- Main Screen

Step 2: Select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option from the provided screen based on the scenarios in which the pictures are lost.

Download Photo Recovery Software - Mode of Recovery

Step 3: Select the drives from where photos have been lost or deleted and click the “Next” button. The recovered images are listed and hence can be recovered.

Download Photo Recovery Software- Select Drive

Important note:

Click on the link for damaged hard disk recovery software to recover lost data, or else it is best to keep back up of all important data in separate external hard drive which certainly saves a lot of time and money.

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