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Memory cards are the storage devices used in cameras, cell phones and many others devices. These memory cards are capable of storing various types of files. The most common among them are pictures, videos, documents and other types of files. These memory cards are getting cheaper and smaller in size and hence are very affordable. As in other storage devices the data present in these memory cards is lost or deleted due to various reasons.

Some of the lost data can be replaced i.e. the documents which have been typed or some videos which have been downloaded and saved. This is not easy but it can be done, but the other pictures or videos from the vacation cannot be replaced hence must be recovered. The memory card recovery tool download is specially designed to recover all the information present in the memory card without causing damage to the files present in it efficiently.

Data loss from memory card may occur due to following reasons:

Unexpected Shut-Down: Unexpected shutdown of the system occurs as result of various reasons in which the data present in the memory card which was used for transfer of files from system to memory card will be loss. Even when the applications present in the memory card are open to carry out some work sudden shutdown leads to loss of that particular information that was being worked upon.

Damaged Memory Card: Memory cards are damaged when the read and write cycle present reach the maximum level. Even removing the memory card abruptly from the system to which it was connected for file transfer will cause damage to the storage device making it unrecognizable. All the information present in the card is lost as it cannot be accessed.

Accidental Format: Accidentally formatting the partition while checking the storage space available for the device will cause loss of information present in it. All the pictures, videos, documents that were present are gone within a single click of the button.

Malware Infection: Malware is nothing but the software program whose main task is to damage or disable the storage devices containing all the data. This malware enters the system through internet or from other infected drives. It deletes all the files and other applications present in the memory card. This leads to loss of all the data present in the device. Click on the link for more information on photo recovery software.Navigate to in order to restore photos

The memory card recovery software is specially designed with advanced features to recover all the important information present in the drive and listing these recovered files on the basis of their file type, name or date of creation. There is a separate option provided within memory card recovery software to add or edit the signatures that for those files which are not listed. Use the “Save Recovery Session” option included in this application which helps to save the recovery process/saving process and carry it out at any later stage. The recovered files from the memory card can be compressed using this tool and hence saves a lot of disk space. “Data View” and “File Type View” of the retrieved data is provided which is help in recovering the lost files. To recover files from Mac OS use mac data recovery software.

Flash drives are the most popular form of storage media that are used for sharing of information from one system to other or they can also be used like hard drives for saving the data that is present in the system. During the process of transferring of the files sometimes there will be loss of some information from drive. Don't get upset! You can easily get back the lost files from the system by using this link provided to you.

Steps to recover data from memory card:

Step 1: Download memory card recovery software and install the application program in the system using download memory card recovery software link from the page. Connect the memory card to the system and run the flash card recovey software. Select “Recover Photos” from the main screen.

Memory Card Recovery Software- Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

Step 2: In the next screen of flash card recovey software click on the button “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” which ever scenario caused the loss of files from the memory card.

Memory Card Recovery Software- Select Option

Figure B. Select Option

Step 3: After selecting the particular drive click on the “Next” button which starts the scanning process. The files which are recovered can be previewed before they can be saved to the desired location.

Memory Card Recovery Software - Preview Screen

Figure C. Preview Screen

Backup Information:

Damaged hard disk recovery software recovers all the data from the hard disk but it is possible to save money and effort if there is back-up of all the files present in a separate external drive. Read here to know about the way to recover files from damaged hard disk.

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