Damaged Hard Disk Recovery Software

Hard disks are those storage devices that store all the important information, files and other documents in them. These storage devices stores many number of file types that are available in today’s world. As these storage devices comes with many features and with much large storage capacity large number of files can be stored in it. As these hard disks tend to get corrupted or damaged over a period of time or due to various other reasons, the data present in them is lost. Need not take the heart out as to how to recover all the lost data from the damaged hard as the downloaded recovery software will recover files from damaged hard disk within minutes, without even missing single file that has been lost.

Reasons due to which the hard disk may get damaged:

File System Conversion Error: While converting the file system present in the particular hard drive from Fat16 to Fat32 file system or vice versa some errors are encountered. If the storage capacity of the hard drive is less than the required memory space, it will pop up a message stating “Insufficient disk space for conversion” which may lead to hard drive being damaged.

Software Malfunction: Some application programs running on the system take a lot of memory space. They eventually hang the system if some other applications are used. This leads to the loss of all the data present in the drive. These application programs will cause damage to the operating system files and hence the entire drive becomes damaged making data inaccessible to the user.

Multiple OS Installation: It’s a trend nowadays to install multiple operating systems in the different logical drive of the same computer. While installing multiple operating systems, if any interruption occurs or if improper installation process is carried out then it may lead to hard drive corruption resulting in data loss.

Power Outage: Sudden loss of power while the system is on will cause damage to the hard drives. The data present in the hard drive becomes inaccessible. Even when there is power cuts while some work is being carried out on the system will cause damage to the drive being accessed at that particular time.

The Damaged Hard Disk Recovery Software is built with advanced features to recover files from damaged hard disk which fail to mount or which do not mount due to various reasons. Click on the link provided to know more about how to download photo recovery software. Data lost as result of partitioning errors on the particular partition can be recovered and listed in a sorted manner. It also supports recovery of files from various hard drives such as SATA/SCSI and IDE. It has special built in feature that supports recovery of compressed files from NTFS formatted drives and also data with ADS (Alternate Data Stream) from NTFS drives. Damaged Hard Disk Recovery Software supports the “Smart Scan” feature which helps to find the files which were not found from the previously scanned process. Download mac data recovery software is provided as a separate tool to recover files from damaged hard disk on Mac operating systems. Get Here the Mac version of the software.

Flash Drives are the storage media that are extensively used in todays generation. These hard drives are very much faster as compared to the older drives which read and write the data along with the spinning heads. While transferring data is these flash drives the user may accidentally click on the delete button or suddenly remove the device to which the file is being transferred. Well! There is no need to get upset!! You can effectively recover data from flash drive by using the services of drive recovery tool. Refer Here to extract more info regarding flash drive recovery

Steps to restore files from damaged hard disk:

Step 1: Download and install the software application in the system and select “Recover Partitions/Drives” from the main screen to restore files from damaged hard disk.

Damaged Hard Disk Recovery Software - Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

Step 2: Click on the “Partition Recovery” after the main screen to recover information present in the damaged partition.

Damaged Hard Disk Recovery Software - Select Option

Figure B. Select Option

Step 3: Select the partition which has been damaged and press the “Next” button to start the recovery process. Data once recovered can be viewed before it can be saved to the desired location.

Damaged Hard Disk Recovery Software - Select Drive

Figure C. Select Drive

Back up Tips:

To download memory card recovery software and to restore files from the drive takes a long time without using recovery tools. However, if you have used your memory card or drive after data loss then the data has been overwritten with new files. In such cases, it is not possible to recover any files using any professional data recovery software. Therefore, this can be avoided when there is backup of all the data in a separate external hard drive to recover the lost information much easily.

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